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3rd December 2017

Ramon Wartala ( is a Big Data Architect and uses two monitors – each for different purposes – connected on a MacBook Pro. He has an early adopter status in his company and uses Hive and Spark for big data projects as well as Impala together with Tableau for data visualization. He is not doing data analysis on his local machine, but on linux servers, preferable hosted on Amazon Web Services. He prefers digital notes rather than of doing them on paper, because he needs to access notes from all devices.

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Hardware: MacBook Pro with two Monitors
Software: MacOS, Linux
Tools: Hive, Spark, Impala, Tableau, Python
Cloud: AWS



27th November 2017

Benjamin Aunkofer is a Data Scientist (and founder of the Data Science Blog) and does data science on a PC with three monitors. In case of mobile work he relies entirely on ThinkPad notebooks. He uses Microsoft Windows as operating system for common work and for analysis doing on BI Tools like QlikView, Tableau oder Microsoft SQL Server. Furthermore he uses Linux distributions for server administration and data science tools. His prefered programming / query languages are C#, python and T-SQL.

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Hardware: Custom PC, ThinkPads
Software: Windows, Linux
Tools: SQL Server, Python, BI-Tools
Cloud: Azure