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Video Training: Data Science with R

5 courses | 24 hours of video training | Manipulate, visualize, and model data with R.

The R programming language has arguably become the single most important tool for computational statistics, visualization, and data science. With this Learning Path, master all the features you’ll need as a data scientist, from the basics to more advanced techniques including R Graph and machine learning. You’ll work your data like never before.

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Below are the video training courses included in this Learning Path.

  1. Learning To Program With R – Presented by Stuart Greenlee 4 hours 18 minutes
  2. Introduction to Data Science with R – Presented by Garrett Grolemund 8 hours 36 minutes

  3. Expert Data Wrangling with R – Presented by Garrett Grolemund 3 hours 50 minutes

  4. Writing Great R Code – Presented by Richie Cotton 59 minutes

  5. Data Science with Microsoft Azure and R – Presented by Stephen Elston 6 hours 48 minutes