Data science is about getting things done. Our unique platform gives you the right mix of theory and practice to learn how.
Interactive Online Courses for Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

 Pick a track

Our tracks help you gain the practical skills needed for specific job roles, such as Data Analyst and Data Scientist.

 Learn by doing

Within minutes, you’ll be working with real data sets, and writing and running code in the browser. The best way to learn data science is to analyze data.

 Build projects

Build projects and make a portfolio. Hone your skills and advance your career at the same time.

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Interactive learning environment

Write and run code in the browser. Explore languages like Python and R, and powerful tools such as scikit-learn and Spark.

Real datasets

The only way to learn data science is to analyze real data. We have datasets ranging from NBA player data to analytics data.

Not just syntax

We teach you both the theory behind what you’re doing, and how to do it — both are critical to working on your own.

Supportive community

Our community can help if you get stuck or have questions. We also discuss data science happenings and share resources.

Projects and challenges

Our challenges and projects put your skills to the test, and help you build a portfolio.

And more

New content, projects, and features are added regularly. Continually improving your learning experience.

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