Vishal Bhalla

Vishal Bhalla is a Masters student at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). His major focus is in Artificial Intelligence and he is interested in applying the combination of AI, NLU & Statistical Relational Learning across domains. Apart from that, he is a big time sports enthusiast and a budding sports writer; churning out articles for fun. Vishal likes to take risks, travel and explore nature and loves sarcasm & independent views!

    Michael Hunger

    Michael Hunger has been passionate about software development for a very long time. For the last few years he has been working with Neo Technology on the open source Neo4j graph database filling many roles. As caretaker of the Neo4j community and ecosystem he especially loves to work with graph-related projects, users and contributors. As a developer Michael enjoys many aspects of programming languages, learning new things every day, participating in exciting and ambitious open source projects and contributing and writing software related books and articles.

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      Felix Bogdanski

      Felix Bogdanski is a Data Scienginist (Scientist + Engineer + Artist) and founder of zenecture GmbH, based in Munich. When not trying to explore the limits of his mind, he probably is eating organic food, running through the woods or playing the jazz bass.

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        Dr. Robert Suhada

        Dr. Robert Suhada has background in high-energy astrophysics and cosmology. Currently he is working in the energy sector on multidisciplinary topics. He is interesed in the intersections of machine learning, risk management and public policy.

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