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5 Applications for Location-Based Data in 2020

Location-based data enables giving people relevant information based on where they are at any given moment. Here are five location data applications to look for in 2020 and beyond.  1. Increasing Sales and Reducing Frustration One 2019 report indicated that 89% of the marketers who used geo data saw increased sales within their customer bases. Sometimes, […]

4 Industries Likely to Be Further Impacted by Data and Analytics in 2020

Image by seeya.com The possibilities for collecting and analyzing data have skyrocketed in recent years. Company leaders no longer must rely primarily on guesswork when making decisions. They can look at the hard statistics to get verification before making a choice. Here are four industries likely to notice continuing positive benefits while using data and […]

The Importance of Equipment Calibration in Maintaining Data Integrity

Image by Unsplash. New data-collection technologies, like internet of things (IoT) sensors, enable businesses across industries to collect accurate, minute-to-minute data that they can use to improve business processes and drive decision-making. However, as data becomes more central to business processes and as more and more data is collected, collection errors become both more possible and […]